The Fist of Metzor was once a beloved war hero, but even the legendary are susceptible to the power of a single mistake. And with the blood of ten thousand Metzonian deaths upon his hands, he was cast out by his father to walk amongst the swirling sands of the Desert of Lost Souls. After five years, and with a promise to his dying mother, his brother marches into the desert to find and bring the Fist back from exile. Yet no one knows that a darkness returns within the Fist’s heart, one that intends to change the world.

Cast out from the High Heavens, the fallen angels of the Order have cast the beacon of Light over Humanity for centuries. Under the wisdom of the Fallen Five, the former servants of Heaven have carried their mortal worshippers along Heaven’s path of peace and prosperous enlightenment. But the Fallen have dark secrets and deadly enemies whom lay forgotten in the shadows. As one mistake leads to another, a young man and his sister will scramble with what remains of the followers of the Light as they attempt to correct the terrible mistakes of those around them before it is too late.
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