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Laughing at the King: Selected Poems

Length: 270 pages1 hour


Reveling in the sycophancy and classist pretensions of England’s courts in the late 18th century, this ribald collection of satirical verse specializes in lampooning the public and private lives of the decadent British monarchy. Containing the bitingly controversial social commentary of medical man turned political satirist, Dr. John Wolcott, and penned under the pseudonym of Peter Pindar, this rousing collection pinpoints exactly why Pindar enjoyed great commercial success with his ruthless ridicule of eminent public figuresthe favored target being King George III, his vain and materialistic wife, and all of the King’s cronies. Including a revealing introduction and comprehensive contextual material, this rediscovery of a remarkable literary catalog hilariously showcases the witty and wicked verse that once scandalized and delighted the denizens of 18th-century London.

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