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Constant Economy: How to Create a Stable Society

Length: 312 pages3 hours


A timely, inspiringmanifesto combining the power of markets with the will of people to effect change for the ultimate survival of the planet Since the industrial revolution, the economies of developed nations have grown at the expense of the natural world, but the earth's resources are finite, climate change threatens to dramatically transform how and wherepeople live, and the global economic system is in disarray. Offering anurgently neededalternative model,this bookargues for the creation of a "constant economy,"in which resources are valued not wasted, food is grown sustainably, and goods are built to last. The constant economy operates at the human scale, and above all it recognizes nature's limits.This book explains that almost every action needed to support the environment is already being carried out somewhere in the world, by companies, communities, and governments determined to blaze a trail. Where they have done the right thing, their customers and voters have rewarded them. Practical solutions exist, and they are brought together and set out in this groundbreaking book.

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