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Great Gambling Scams: True Stories of the World's Most Amazing Hustlers

Length: 256 pages2 hours


For many, gambling is a roller coaster of wins and losses, but for some, it's the successful way to a life of untold wealth and luxury. Contained in this utterly gripping book are the secrets of a handful of people who have repeatedly managed to beat casinos and bookies at their own game, carrying out some of the most ingenious gambling scams of all time. Included are the three Eastern Europeans who sat down with almost nothing and walked away from the Ritz Casino's roulette wheel with more than one million pounds in their pockets. Also, the notorious MIT student scam in which students took Las Vegas for untold millions using a mind-blowing card-counting routine. With deception, drama, and vast fortunes involved in these awesome and elaborate plots, every true story collected here recreates the heart-racing buzz of the big win.

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