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How to Live to 110: Your Comprehensive Guide to a Healthy Life

Length: 288 pages6 hours


From eating healthily to avoiding accidents, this no-nonsense guide based on current science explains the best ways to live a long and healthy life


Doctors and health scientists agree that people can ward off major diseases and live longer by making simple changes to what they eat, drink, and do. This guide explains how to live in a way that makes it possible to live 100 years or more. It explains key processes in the body and how modern living messes these up, and offers straightforward ways to avoid heart disease, cancer, and the other big killers. It explains how to delay dementia, keep free from infections, and avoid accidents, and what foods to eatand to avoidto stay healthy and not put on fat. Star ratings show at a glance how each suggestion can affect the lifespan, while explanations of the science allow readers to make informed decisions and reclaim potential decades of healthy living.

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