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By George: Hilarious Tales From England's Most Fantical Football Supporters

Length: 278 pages5 hours


Meet Stan and his mates. They are football fanatics, enthusiastic followers of the English national team—so far, so normal, right? Wrong. You've probably already spotted them on TV, or maybe at an England match. They're the group of blokes all dressed up as St. George. In this hilarious book, Stan—AKA George the First—tells the story of how the George came into being, in the run-up to the 2006 World Cup in Germany, and reveals all about the crazy adventures and bizarre situations the gang have found themselves in as they're travelled the world supporting England and bringing their own special touch of English eccentricity to every match, home and away. It's a story of football, friendship, beer and trips to Kazakhastan—in others words, England fans doing what they do best, following their team over land and sea. With fancy dress costumes.


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