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The Insider's Guide to Credit Repair

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The Insider's Guide to Credit Repair is current, cohesive, and thorough. It begins with the basics--defining credit, explaining its value to consumers and businesses, and introducing the key parties that keep the process successfully operatingn+ôbut then covers more complex topics, including credit laws, credit scoring and credit repair.
The central portion of the book tackles three topics that are constantly in the news of late--identity theft/fraud, credit repair, and credit scoring--then shifts to an explanation of credit laws, consumer credit counseling and, most importantly, correcting errors on credit reports. Most noteworthy and helpful are the short quizzes after each chapter, a comprehensive glossary and a wide variety of sample letters.
The Insider's Guide to Credit Repair is an engaging and thought-provoking discussion of consumer credit from an insider—s perspective--the author is a former instructor for one of the major, national credit-reporting agencies. The scope of the material is as vast as the author—s industry experience, accommodating the beginner trying to establish for the first time but also benefiting more experienced consumers who are seeking greater knowledge of all aspects of credit.
After many years of interacting with consumers, the author notes how astounded he often was by the incorrect information about credit and the way it works that so many of them regarded as “gospel”. And charges that the credit reporting agencies, key cogs in the whole process, are doing virtually nothing to educate the public, correct misinformation or relieve consumers— ongoing frustration.
There are a plethora of books out there promising to show consumers how to repair their credit. There is only one that explain credit from the first step of establishing it, through the many steps involved with maintaining it and managing it, to, yes, fixing it when it’s broken--The Insider's Guide to Credit Repair.

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