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The Game: How the World of Finance Really Works

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Using "the City" in London as the main model, this in-depth explanation of finance is aimed at a global audience, with the lessons equally applicable from Tokyo to Frankfurt to New York

The events of the last few years have made clear that for all the hand-on-heart conviction and oracular pronouncements, few people have any idea of what is really going on in the world of finance. This accessible, frank, and witty guide to that murky world from an insider's perspective aims to completely demystify the system. Each chapter looks at a different role within banks, including stockbroking, trading research and analysis, and corporate finance. Along with explanations of the roles and common terms (learn to tell your Bloomberg from your Extel) there are personal anecdotes and contributions from leading industry figures included throughout. This updated edition contains a new chapter on how working in the City has changed in the squeezed new post-crash economy, and is updated throughout with contemporary stories and examples from the international world of finance. Perfect for interview preparation, this book is aimed at anyone interested in working in finance or the law or those who simply want to learn how the system really works.

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