Bible Word Searches for Adults and Teens Volume 2
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Bible Word Searches for Adults and Teens, Volume 2 is a continuation of the first Bible word search book which was published in May 2012. While the first book dealt with intriguing facts about the Bible on a wide range of topics, the second volume explores series after series of inspiring teachings from the Bible. There are a total of 141 word search puzzles in this book.

There are benefits to working Word Search Puzzles:

Provides inexpensive entertainment and educational benefits.
Increases letter, word and pattern recognition skills.
Improves vocabulary.
Parents and Teachers can use word searches as an educational tool to help children with spelling practice.
An excellent resource for homeschooling.
Seventy-five percent of Seniors have memory-related problems. Solving word search puzzles strengthens the memory, keeping the mind sharp and active.
A great way to learn English.
Helps people who have dyslexia.
A good activity to do while traveling.
Something to do while waiting at the doctor’s office.
Hours of a fun, low-stress activity for all ages to enjoy together.
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