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A Patient's Guide to Dental Implants

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Do You Need Teeth Replacement?

Are you missing a tooth? Several teeth? If so, perhaps you're like many individuals—you already wear a bridge or dentures or are considering them. But have you considered dental implants? They are permanent teeth that are inserted into the jawbone and function like natural teeth. They offer a more natural appearance and greater comfort than bridges or dentures.

Although the trend toward dental implants is growing rapidly, you, like many consumers, may not fully understand how they work. The doctors who wrote this book recognized the need for consumer information. All specialists in dental implants, they provide answers to such questions as:

What are the benefits of dental implants?
Who is a candidate for dental implants?
How are the implants inserted?
Are the procedures painful?
How long do implants last?
Are there risks or possible complications?
How do you choose a qualified dentist or specialist?
What follow-up care is required?

Your Complete Guide to Dental Implants

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