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A young girl, born during the coldest winter people could remember in a remote German village shortly after WWII, tells the story of her childhood. Growing up under the care of her grandmother, she soon learns that by the end of war, bombs had destroyed countries and people but that it would take much longer to destroy a system of deceit. Like Lemmings, her people had followed false prophets to the edge of the abyss. While she struggles to come to terms with hatred and violence surrounding her, she develops a close and passionate love for her grandmother, an extraordinary and proud woman. At the end, it is her grandmother who nurtures her wounded soul and broken heart by showing and teaching her the ways of ancient heathen wisdom of her people. It is a journey of a young girl’s soul-searching for love and understanding to survive a time of violence, hatred, and prejudice to learn that even wars cannot change the eternal rules of crime and retribution.
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