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In a far-away land full of magic and adventure, a baby princess named Aria is prophesied to defeat the biggest threat to her kingdom the world of Fiera has ever known: the demon lord Oshtaru. But upon hearing of the prophecy, the demon attacks Aria’s kingdom and she is spirited away to a new home on the other side of the world.
Aria, known now simply as ‘Ria’, grows up happy and strong, beloved by her adoptive parents and her best friend Kyle. Ria, an active, tomboyish girl, chafes under the yoke of the restrictive gender roles and the arranged marriage to Kyle forced upon them both. She and Kyle make plans to leave their home in the Valley, but before they can leave, Ria is kidnapped by pirates and sold into slavery.
Ria finds herself the slave of Kohr, a handsome but haughty and cruel young man, and Kalora, his evil mother. Kohr treats Ria terribly and at first Ria dislikes him very much, but soon she sees how terribly the boy suffers at his mother’s hands and her dislike turns to pity. She tries to befriend the lonely boy and eventually he begins to fall for her, however unwillingly.
Soon Ria and Kohr find themselves on a quest to defeat the demon lord and restore Ria’s throne, but can two teenagers truly defeat the demon responsible for destroying an entire kingdom?
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ISBN: 9781483617275
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