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Once upon a time, there were two cats named Willow and Silver. They both had silver-colored fur
and loved a little adventure and excitement. A lot of people say that Willow and Silver are pretty
much identical twins. This is true. The only things that set them apart are that Willow wears a
green collar, and Silver has slightly darker fur. Their favorite food is catnip, of course. Our story
begins on another day of curiosity for Willow and Silver.
Willow and Silver wondered what space could be like.
“It is dark and starry!” said Willow.
“You can float in it!” added Silver.
Then that same night, on a news broadcast, they saw a man saying, “Indeed! They are building
many space shuttles in the NASA building in Cape Canaveral, Florida! One of them is a small
shuttle. It is a new model, and it’s very, very fast! They aren’t going to test this shuttle first,
though. They are planning to launch the new S-90-X. We will continue to keep you updated on
the latest space news.”
“Did you hear that, Willow? Maybe we can fly that shuttle ourselves. Then we can find out what
space is really like.”
“But we don’t even know how to fly . . . wait . . . we can learn,” said Silver.
“Let’s do it!” they shouted together.
“How should we get to Florida?” asked Silver.
“By plane,” Willow replied.
So together, they sneaked out to the Salt Lake City Airport. To get there, they hopped on top of
a taxicab and cruised along the highway. Suddenly, Willow lost her grip on something. “My catnip!”
bellowed Willow. She pouted for the rest of the ride to the airport.
A while later, Silver spoke. “If it cheers you up, we’re here.”
“We are? Yeah!” replied Willow in a greater joy than she had been in.
They walked into the airport, which was bustling with people, all hurrying and going in different
directions. They walked into a line. They slowly made their way up to a man that checked for an
ID and a ticket. Silver stammered and held up a piece of catnip. “You may proceed, Ms. Catnip,”
he said.
They made their way through security and found themselves wondering where to go next.
“Silver, do you know what gate we are in?” asked Willow. They both looked up at the arrivals and
departures board. It was a good thing they had both learned to read at the library because it
came in handy then.
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