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Why do educated people allow other’s to manipulate them? It is astonishing when people follow blindly, without thinking for themselves. Some believe everything they read or allow other’s to tell them how to think and feel. Although this is a fictional story, it was based on a true, but bizarre occurrence.
SATAN’S CHILD is a story of a small child who was murdered by her mother and of how god-fearing people allowed this to occur. This is a story about a sociopathic woman who the local church tried to save from the clutches of Satan, only to be manipulated by her into believing a child has to die to earn them glory with God.
Sue Vaughn, the mother of six-year-old namesake, Susie Vaughn, falls in love with her dentist and sets out to get him. The dentist who is a womanizer sets about to draw Sue into his church. Together they manipulate the town’s people and use them for there own gains. Moral corruption runs amuck thought the small town.
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ISBN: 9781456884215
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