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Book 2 of The Sinners on Tour

Two years ago, Sed gave Jessica an ultimatum and she broke his heart by leaving without a backwards glance. Since then, he's tried to forget her by screwing any woman who will have him. It's no use. Sed still loves Jessica. Seeing her working in a strip club, with all those men gawking at her, sends Sed into a jealous rage. Jessica belongs to him. Always has, always will.

Heartbroken, Jessica made her choice and ended their engagement. Since then, she's tried to forget him by avoiding men entirely. It's no use. Jessica still hates Sed and knows one mere woman will never satisfy his over-inflated ego or insatiable sexual appetite. When she has no choice but to take a summer job that has her trapped on Sinners' tour bus with the impossibly sexy jerk for two entire months, she's furious- but the passion between them is hotter than ever.

Trapped together on the Sinners tour bus for the summer, Sed and Jessica will rediscover the millions of steamy reasons they never should have called it quits in the first place...

The Sinners on Tour Series:
Backstage Pass (Book 1)
Rock Hard (Book 2)
Hot Ticket (Book 3)
Wicked Beat (Book 4)
Double Time (Book 5)

Praise for Rock Hard:
"Readers will love the characters and enjoy their scorching love scenes and passionate fights."-RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars
"Hot men, rocking music, and explosive sex? What could be better?"-Seriously Reviews
"Sizzling sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll...Absolutely perfect!"-Fresh Fiction

Topics: Rock 'n' Roll, Scandal, and Old Flames

Published: Sourcebooks on
ISBN: 9781402245794
List price: $4.99
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enjoyed it but not as much as backstage pass. more
love all the Sinners book they are funny and sexymore
This book was amazing!! I couldn't put it down. Love it. more
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enjoyed it but not as much as backstage pass. more
love all the Sinners book they are funny and sexymore
This book was amazing!! I couldn't put it down. Love it. more
Loved this book. You had to want to beat the hell out of all of them at one point or another in the book, but it definitely made you feel like you were part of the story. The big bad lead singer and the girl of his dreams fall in love, get into a fight, find their way back to each other. The journey was fun to read. Can't wait to get my hands on the next book in the series!more
Olivia Cunning is unparalleled in her ability to write the sexy bad behavior, camraderie, and immaturity to rock stars. While Sed and Jessica don't have the appeal of Brian and Myrna, they certainly have as much chemistry (and quite a bit of artistry, these sex scenes require blocking diagrams and advanced physical training). The law school backstory is pretty appalling, but Cunning's character development is good enough to make that just a blip on the radar. It seems every Sinners on Tour book I finish leaves me eagerly anticipating the next one in the series, I just hope Cunning writes as fast as she is good.

(3/15/12): I wanted to re-read ROCK HARD because of some of the rough housing scenes between the boys, and I didn't find much more than than enjoyable on the second time around. I just don't click with Sed and Jessica, their issues have a lot to do with insecurities and immaturirites that I don't really like working through along side them. While I applaud how Cunning is willing to give even beloved characters weaknesses (Brian and Myrna definitively don't save the day in this book), Jessica's vacilation on her profession seemed like a plot juke that I didn't quite follow. Realistic, yes, necessary to include? Maybe not... Still eager to read book three, I'm still looking for the Sinners' couple that I really relate to.more
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