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Every human being, regardless of his or her origin or upbringing, is endowed with a marvelous and mysterious apparatus called the mind. It works twenty-four hours a day, producing conditions, events, and experiences in each of our lives. These conditions always take shape in the mind. Your mind is always busy weaving your tomorrow, a tomorrow either of joy or of sorrow, depending upon the thoughts you entertain in your mind.
Your thoughts are the tools with which you work and the only tools you have to shape your destiny. Your experience in the outer world only reveals what is lurking in the secret chambers of your very own mind. Your experience is a mere reflection of your thoughts.
For example, you look into the mirror and you don’t like the face you see. If you are a woman, you’ll change your makeup and hairstyle to look better. If you are a man, you’ll cob your hair, trim your mustache, or shave to look better. But you will not break the mirror because you know that the mirror is only reflecting the face you have. Similarly, your experience in life is a mirror reflecting your inner thoughts.

Our circumstances are merely a “looking glass,” a mirror of reflection. But in our daily life, without realizing what we are doing, we very often try to break the mirror. For example, if you are not very happy with your income, you start criticizing your employer, the job, your upbringing, and everybody else for your shortcomings. You criticize your boss who makes more money; you talk maliciously about the chief executive of a big corporation who makes a million dollars a year. They are not going to change your conditions but are merely reflecting your thoughts. To change the conditions, you have to change the causes—your thoughts. Blaming your poor economic condition is like blaming the mirror for your uncharming face. Think about it.

After you study this book, you will learn not to blame the mirror for your poor image. You will consciously start working with causes, instead of conditions.
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