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While searching for answers to World War II mysteries on the infamous island of Iwo Jima, retired Marine Gunner Shake Davis answers a call on his satellite phone. Soon he’s back in the counter-terrorism game and immersed eyeball-deep in desperate attempts to prevent a unique and very deadly biological warfare attack.
His efforts to help thwart what could be a devastating threat to global populations takes him on a whirlwind journey, with stops at some of the most familiar battlegrounds of the Second World War, including the Philippines, Wake Island, and Peleliu.
His intimate knowledge of the history, people, and places involved makes him an invaluable asset in a desperate chase across the vast reaches of the South Pacific. Along the way, Shake teams up with new allies, including US Army Special Forces and a SEAL team operating from one of the navy’s newest and most capable littoral combat ships.
He also reunites with familiar characters from his earlier sojourn in Southeast Asia, in pursuit of the Laos File. Shake is back . . . and this time he’s up against a ruthless enemy who wants to let the evil genie of germ warfare out of the bottle.
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