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Storm Rising

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Nothing Lasts Forever . . .

It is 2012 and the Mideast war has spread to Iran and Syria. The United States is mired in deep recession and its people cry out for a new government—and it has come.

Storm Rising follows an investigative reporter from Iran’s battle-fields to his unexpected alliance with America’s radical third party presidential candidate, a female gulf-war veteran who has captured the nation’s hearts and minds.

Storm Rising concludes with a frightening confrontation between the United States government and its own military when that same reporter strikes back at the woman who betrayed him.

Since retiring from Paramount Pictures, Gary Naiman has written stories that entertain and enlighten us. If you
would like to take a little trip into America’s turbulent future, please
enjoy Mr. Naiman’s latest novel, Revolution! . . .

Mr. Naiman’s previous novels include P.P.M. and The Tenth Avatar, also published by Fideli.

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