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Sweetie Baby

Sweetie Baby features material from 2000 and thereafter, primarily from year 2000 to mid-2003 and then onward through 2004, etc. (as dated).

This material includes informal essays, journal type entry letters and poetry describing the years this writer was terrorized by a primarily covert stalker.

Additional tips and resource information has been collected and included herein. Stalking victims and support sources for victims are encouraged to seek education, tips and information from more than one venue.

Additionally, victims and those who are within those victims’ lives are cautioned that stalking is a long-term act of domestic terrorism, an unrecognized war-zone, in which a typically untrained, unprepared victim is drafted by force into being a sort of Special Forces soldier.

A Stalker´s terrorism and attack patterns are frequently highly obsessive, repetitive and bizarre.

This book explains a lot of the why and how the average covert stalkers mind functions. In addition, Sweetie-Baby reveals all the details never exposed in this books written predecessors, The Visage and House of Sorrows.

The ideal series of reading material includes three out of the four books in this series:

1) The Visage or House or Sorrows.

Most readers prefer The Visage.
2) Sweetie Baby.

3) Black Market.

In review of all three books what was once in a sense truly a cover-up, that which persisted for nearly a decade, is clearly shattered.

Readers could be well advised to view a lot of Sweetie-Baby as almost a "Dear Diary," collection of material writter by a stalking victim while she was stalked. The material has not been altered to change that first hand real time impression of when and where it was written. The authenticity of time and place is intact.

The Sereena Nightshade that drifts out of the end of this obscured tunnel of stealth is the same innocent drafted warrior who should have never been a soldier at all; however, the layers of what she tried to maneuver and protect are mind blowing.

Names of individuals in all of this author´s books are fictitious names. Real names are not revealed.

Review by Dominic.

Sereena Nightshade Trivia:

1) Favorite musician: Sixto Rodriguez.

A) Album sample, Cold Fact.
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