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Christopher Alexander, Canadian’s former ambassador to Afghanistan, offers an inside look at Afghanistan recent history, and delivers a blueprint for transforming the troubled country into a viable nation. Alexander draws on expertise gained over five years on the ground in Afghanistan, chronicling the country’s initial successes following the Afghan War, the setbacks it incurred thanks to a resurgent Taliban, and the tenuous stability that multilateral diplomacy has brought the war-torn yet rebuilding nation. Readers of Ahmed Rashid’s Descent into Chaos and Alex Berenson’s Lost in Kandahar will find no more penetrating insight into Afghanistan’s past, present, and future than Christopher Alexander’s probing, expert dissection of a nation at war with itself: The Long Way Back.
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At least 80 people were killed and more than 350 wounded Wednesday after a powerful truck bomb struck Kabul’s diplomatic quarter. The Taliban, which can usually be relied upon to claim responsibility for such attacks, denied it was behind the operation. ISIS, which has been blamed for some high-profile and gruesome attacks in the country, has been silent. Most of those killed in the attack during the morning rush hour near Zanbaq Square were civilians. Dozens of vehicles were destroyed in the blast, and windows and doors were blown out in the area. Basir Mujahid a Kabul police spokesman, told
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