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Getting Pregnant Naturally: Healthy Choices To Boost Your Chances Of Conceiving Without Fertility Drugs

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You May Not Have Tried Everything! Today, many couples who experience problems getting pregnant look to the miracles of modern science for help. Yet for the more than five million Americans of childbearing age who have failed to conceive within a year or more, the good news is that as many as half go on to get pregnant and have healthy babies. Getting Pregnant Naturally is filled with dozens of little-known tips for increasing the odds of conceiving and offers the essential information any couple should have before they resort to expensive, invasive, high-tech fertility treatments -- • The most common causes of infertility or subfertility in both men and women • How the age factor relates to ability to conceive • Why fertility and infertility can flutuate from month to month • How to recognize and test for the signs that ovulation is taking place • How to change your lovemaking to increase the likelihood of conception • How men and women can increase their their chances of conception through nutritional supplements • Age-old herbal remedies that have been shown to increase fertility • Homeopathic therapies that can work • The mind-body connection:fertile ideas to boost your fertility And Much More, Including:

Resource information on fertility centers,
natural medicine, and adoption

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