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Dead Witch Walking

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Dead Witch Walking

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars4/5 (901 ratings)
Length: 506 pages8 hours

Editor's Note

Dark & demonic…
Venture to an alternate, post-virus-apocalypse Cincinnati with sexy, bounty-hunting witch Rachel Morgan. This first installment of The Hollows series will have you instantly hooked.


The first book in #1 New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison's Hollows series!

All the creatures of the night gather in "the Hollows" of Cincinnati, to hide, to prowl, to party . . . and to feed.

Vampires rule the darkness in a predator-eat-predator world rife with dangers beyond imagining—and it's Rachel Morgan's job to keep that world civilized.

A bounty hunter and a witch with serious sex appeal and an attitude, she'll bring 'em back alive, dead . . . or undead.

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