Success Runs in Our Race
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A completely updated and revised edition of a bestselling book that has helped tens of thousands of people learn how to network effectively, Success Runs in Our Race is more important than ever in this fluctuating economy. With scores of anecdotes taken from interviews with successful African Americans -- from Keith Clinkscales, founder and former CEO of Vanguarde Media, to Oprah Winfrey -- Fraser shows how to network for information, for influence, and for resources. Readers will learn, among other things, how to cultivate valuable listening skills, which conferences blacks are most likely to attend when looking to build their business network, and how to effectively circulate a résumé.

More than a guide for personal achievement, this is an information-packed bible of networking that also seeks to inspire a social movement and a rebirth of the "Underground Railroad," in which successful African Americans share the lessons of self-determination and empowerment with those still struggling to scale the ladder of success.

Published: HarperCollins on
ISBN: 0060578718
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Success Runs in Our Race - George C. Fraser

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Revised and Updated Edition

Success Runs in Our Race

The Complete Guide to Effective Networking in the Black Community

George C. Fraser

To those whom I have helped and/or who

have helped me…my network

Todd Abbey

Diane Abbott

James Abbott

Eric Abercrumbie

Jean Abernathy

Pat Ackerman

Robert Acquaye

Phyllis Acres

Charles Adams

David Adams

Janus Adams

M. E. Adams

Rod Adams

Ron Adams

Roosevelt Adams

Tanzie Adams

Valencia Adams

Michele Adams-Proctor

John Addison

Wilford Adkins, Jr.

Selom Adogah

Gerald Adolph

Herbert Adrine

Ron Adrine

Russell Adrine

Ahneva Ahneva

Na’im Akbar

Bruce Akers

Lisa Alaimo

Steve Alcorn

Kurt Aldag

Alicia Alexander

James Alexander

Carlean Alford

Omar Ali-Bey

Carolyn Allen

Clyde Allen

Hector Allen

Judith Allen

Robert Allen

Stefanie Allen

Lavonia Allison

Tanya Allmond

Paul Altig

Goldie Alvis

John Amos

Wally Amos

Anna Anderson

Carl Anderson

Claud Anderson

Donald Anderson

Ken Anderson

Kernie Anderson

Warren Anderson

Lamont Andrews

Richard Andrews

Ron Andrews

Mary Ann

Debra Anthony

Ed Anthony

Henrietta Antoinin

Ana Aponte-Curtis

Jay Apple

J. B. Appling

Marsialle Arbuckle

Susan Arceneaux

Josh Archer

Christi Archibald

Tom Arco

Carroll Armstrong

J. L. Armstrong

Anna Arnold

Eddie Arnold

John Arnold

John Arrington

Karen Asher-Osbourne

Lavalle Ashley

Robert Ashley

Nana Ashong

Brett Ashton

Ken Askew

Giovanna Athias

Pat Atkin

Connie Atkins

Elizabeth Atkins-Bowman

Susan Au-Allen

Anthony Austin

Clarence Avant

Lenora Avery

Lillian Ayala

Roy Ayers

Sonia Babers

Barry Backmon

Pierre Bagley

Anthony Bailey

J. T. Bailey

Lee Bailey

Marietta Bailey

Tom Bailey

Lawrence Bain

Art Baker

John Baker-Brown

Dee Baldwin

John Baldwin

Myra Baldwin

Carolyn Baldwin-Byrd

Angelique Ball

Charles Ballard

Stacey L. Balsley

Tom Baltimore

Andrew Banks

Anna Banks

Monica Banks

Will Banks

Milt Barbee

Don Barden

Skip Barner

John Barnes

Ken Barnes

Ronald Barnes

Ron Barnett

Joe Louis Barrow

Willie T. Barrow

Alexander Barton

Dawn Baskerville

Phyliss Batson

Tom Baylock

Bernard Beal

Tracy Bean-Oliver

Thomas Beaver

Hal Becker

Ella Becton

Alex Beerlerman

Mike Belkin Alice Bell

Ed Bell

Terri Bell

Walter Bell

Brandon Bellamy

Werten Bellamy

Siddiq Bello

Erline Belton

Y. Marc Belton

Frances Benko

Lerone Bennett, Jr.

Keith Benson

Michael Benz

Bob Bergman

Antonia Bernard

Margaret Bernstein

Paul Besson

Isisara Bey

Adam Beyah

Charles Bibb

Deb Bibb

Leon Bibb

Lee Bickley

James Biggar

Bob Billingslea

Jerry Birch

Marvin Bishop

Scullly Black

Wilbert Black

JoAnn Blackman

Barry Blackmon

Pat Blackmon

Gene Blackwell

Joseph Blackwell

Nakato Blair

Norman Bliss

William Blue

Rena Blumberg

Edward Blunt

Roma Blunt

Carol Bolden

Tom Boles

Roger Bond

Michael Boney

Gail Boone

Monica Boone R

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Dawnyell Bower

Angie Bowie

Regina Bowie

Claudette Bowles

Keith Bowles

Wendell Boyce

Jarmell Boyd

Pepper Boyd

Mary Ann

Boykin Pete Boyle

Reg Brack, Jr.

Irene Branch

Richard Branch

Ed Brandon

Charles Bremer

Paul Bresnick

Moses Brewer

Glenda Bridgeforth

Camille Bridges

Ken Bridges

Sam Briggery

Roslyn Brock

Ralph Brody

Sheila Bronner

Arthur Bronner, III

Dennis Brooks

James Brooks

Jesse Brooks

Laura Brooks

Sylvia Brooks

Ann Brown

Baron Brown

Charles Brown

Damon Brown

Darian Brown

David Brown

Ed Brown

Eric Brown

Ernestine Brown

Frances Brown

Gasby Breely Brown

Gloria Brown

Jesse Brown

Les Brown

Lorie Brown

Majid Brown

Malcolm Brown

Matt Brown

Ona Brown

Paulette Brown

Renee Brown

Rochelle Brown

Rodney Brown

Roger Brown

Ron Brown

Tamara Brown

Theresa Brown

Tony Brown

Virgil Brown, Jr.

Virgil Brown, Sr.

Winford Brown

Paul Brownridge

Tommy Bruno

Marian Bryan

Donna Bryant

John Bryant

Paul Bryant

William Bryant

Janice Bryant-Howroyd

A. Deane Buchanan

Silas Buchanan

Alonzo Buchanan, Jr.

Ruth Buczynski

Phyllis Buford

Carol Bugg

Janet Bullard

Steve Bullock

Jill Bunton

Todd Burden

Bill Burges

Caesar Burkes

Charles Burkett

Earli Burks

Eral Burks

Len Burnett, Jr.

Dargan Burns

Khephra Burns

LaWanda Burrell

John Burry, Jr.

Barbara Burton

Fred Burton

Rodney Buscher

Andre Bustamante

John H. Bustamante

Tuan Bustamante

Minnie Butcher

Annette Butler

John Butler

John Sibley Butler

Marlene Butler

Michael Butler

Rita Butler

Leisa Byars

Gilda Byers

Liz Byers

William Byers

Juanita Bynum

Erskine Cade

Jolie Caldwell

Deborah Calhoun

Danny Cameron

Pam Cammady

BeBe Moore Campbell

Gerald Campbell

Jane Campbell

Tony Campbell

Cheryl Canady

Joyce Cannady

Tracey Capers

Rick Capretta

Victoria Cargill

Wendy Carlton

Eric Carmichael

Maria Carothers

Austin Carr

Frank Carson

Bev Carter

James Carter

Jocelyn Carter-Miller

Karl Carter

Kevin Carter

Marquietta Carter

Robert Carter

Ruth Carter

Juluis Cartwright

Denette Casey

Paula Casey

Ray Cash

Jorge Castillo

E. T. Caviness

Janet Century

Audrene Chakmakjian

Mary Anne Chambers

Theo Chambers

Joseph Champ

Nathan Champman, Jr.

Ed Chanantry

James Chandler

Wayne Chandler

Kelly Chapman

Mike Chapman

Veronica Chapman

Emma Chappell

Carl Character

Nick Charles

Clark Chasen

David Chavez

Tom Chema

Bill Cherry

Chahn Chess

Farai Chideya

Faye Childs

Dwight Chillious

Robert Chinn

John Chisell

Hunter Chisolm

Jim Chones

Rose Christian

Maurice Christopher

Susan Claiborne

Dana Clark

Frank Clark

William Clark

Andre Clarke

Constance Clarke

Faye Clarke

Frank Clarke

Leslie Clarke

William Clay

Kevin Clayton

Xernona Clayton

Frank Clayton, III

Susie Claytor

Phillip Cleaver

Mike Clement

Jill Clements

Linda Clemmons

Mack Clemmons

Polly Clemo

Bonita Cleveland

Gregory Clifford

James Clingman

Keith Clinkscales

Kenneth Cloud

Ed Coaxum

Delmarie Cobb

Leonard Cobbs

Gail Cochran

Johnnie Cochran, Jr.

Raiford Cockfield

Gwen Cohen

Virgis Colbert

Johnnetta B. Cole

Johnnie Coleman

Lonnie Coleman

Lonzo Coleman

Al Collins

Annis Collins

Keith Collins

Retanya Collins

Robert Collins

Ed Comwell

Lester Coney

Culbreth Cook

Debert Cook

Thelma Cook

Lawrence Cooke

Barry Cooper

Judy Cooper

Margot Copeland

Terrence Copeland

Carole Copeland-Thomas

Sherman Copelin, Jr.

John Costen

Ludie Couch

Pat Council

Shaun Court

Cynthia Cousins

Lee Cox

Maurice Cox

Paul Cox

Roosevelt Cox

Michael Craig

Norm Craig

Charlie Crawford

Cody Crawford

L. Marilyn Crawford

Bruce Crawley

George Crawley

Leroy Crayton

Henry Creel

Marvin Creel

Claude Crenshaw

James Croll

Fred Crosby

Ricky Crosby

Stanley Crouch

Andy Crowe

Melvina Crowell

John Crump

Thomas Cuffie

Sherry Culpepper

Donna Cummings

Tanya Cummings

Bob Cunningham

Fatima Cunningham

Jimmy Cunningham

Karl Cureton

George Curry

Dee Cutter

Michel Daley

Stephen Dalton

Ronald Daly

Anthony Daniels

Diane Daniels

Ron Daniels

Monica Daniely

Vernetta Daniely

Tom Darden

Aaron Dare

Sean Daughtry

Michael Daum

Hezekiah Davidson

Ralph Davilla

Ben Davis

Chad Davis

Cherisse Davis

Crystal Davis

Darwin Davis

Dawn Davis

Dwayne Davis

Edward Davis

Greg Davis

Kelly Davis

Ken Davis

Maceo Davis

Michael Davis

Pat Davis

Phil Davis

Sylvia Davis

Tim Davis

Wayne Davis

Tom Davis, Jr.

Asfilofio De Oliveria Filho

Curtis Dean

Donna DeBerry

James DeBerry

Clarence Dees

Normando DeHalle

Dino DeLoach

Norman DeLoach

Gary Dennis

Sheila Dennis

Reginald Denson

Bill Derrick

Billy Dexter

Harlan Diamond

Ralph Dickerson

Cheryl Dickson

Wendy Dickson

Tanya Diggs

Flora Dillard

Dennis Dillon

Christine Dinez

Nancy Dinger

David Dinkins

Jeffrey Diver

George Dixon

Bob Dockery, Jr.

Howard Dodson

Xavier Dominesis

Virgil Dominic

Bob Donaldson

Kyle Donovan

Linda Dorman

Julius Dorsey

Keith Dorsey

Tommie Dortch

Larry Doss

Janice Douglas

Shawn Dove

Norma Downs

George Ducas

Joe Louis Dudley, Sr.

Mabrey Duff

Mike Duncan

John Dunn

Michael Dunn

Cal Dupree

Donald Durrah

Ed Dwight

Michael Dye

Michael Eric Dyson

Berthel Eagle

Michael Eanes

Julian Earles

Willie Eason

Robert Eaton

Virgil Ecton

Alfred Edmond, Jr.

Jerome Edmonson

Al Edwards

Buck Edwards

Eddie Edwards

Henry Edwards

Karen Edwards

Ron Edwards

Rondle Edwards

William Edwards

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Preston Edwards, Sr.

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Curtis English

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Glenn Estelle

Emma Etuk

Doris Evans

Josulyn Evans

Lisa Evans

Monica Evans

Therman Evans

Benny Evans, III

Jon Everett

Mary Everhart

George Faison

Nabii Faison

Mel Fallis

William Fambrough

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Tom Feelings

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J. R. Fenwick

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Gerald Fernandez

Jose Ferrer

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Gloria Fitchpritch

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Gregory Fraser

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Greg Galore

Gloria Gamble

Gwendolyn Garnett-Thomas

Tulio Garonzi

Willie Gary

Gina Gates

Greg Gates

Jacquelyn Gates

Reginald Gates

Luther Gatling

Jim Gelarden

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Marvin Gentry

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Richard Gilchrist

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Reginald Gilliam, Jr.

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Alexandria Johnson-Boone

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Carolyn Jones

E. Edward Jones, Sr.

Ed Jones

Geneva Jones

James Earl Jones

Jakki Jones-Nance

Jefferson H. Jones, III

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To be continued…


Foreword by Les Brown



Part One: Success Runs In Our Race

Chapter 1: Twenty Thousand Personal Guides to Success

A New Millennium: A New Underground Railroad

The Next Phase of the Civil Rights Movement

Working Toward Unity

The Networking Guru

Success Runs in Our Race

Portrait of Success: Keith Clinkscales

Chapter 2: It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

The Enemy Within

Seeking Acceptance Versus Equality

In Search of Our Family

Memorializing Black Excellence

The Renewed Urban Village

The Rites of Passage

Afrocentricity Versus Eurocentricity

A Spiritual Connection

Portrait of Success: Mellody Hobson

Chapter 3: Perceptions, Reality, and Excellence

Used but Not Abused

Our Violent Image

Fixing the Image Problem

Cashing In on Our Intellectual Capital

Community Versus Individual Success

Excellence Redefined

Tapping Our Own Roots

The Seven Principles of Kwanzaa

A New Agenda

The Birth of the Urban Village

Portrait of Success: Oprah Winfrey

Part Two: Party For a Purpose: The Power of Networking

Chapter 4: Entrepreneurship and Networking: Closing the Wealth Gap

Starting More Businesses in the Twenty-first Century

Overcoming the Business Start-up Barriers

Doing Well While Doing Good

Four Key Factors for Entrepreneurial Success

Reciprocity: Leveraging Our Purchasing Power

Ten Steps to Starting Down Your Entrepreneurial Path

Ten Reasons for Doing Business with Minorities

Portrait of Success: Teresa Hairston

Chapter 5: Getting Together to Get Ahead

Sharing the Wealth by Networking

The Success Network for You

Getting Together to Get Ahead

Networking for Access and Success

Building Mutually Beneficial Relationships

Network Nurturing

The Big Four of Networking

Portrait of Success: Willie Jolley

Chapter 6: Make Networking Work for You

Defining Your Networking Goals

Setting Goals

Your Network Huggers and Shakers

Network Nemeses

Networking Tools

Starting Your Own Networking Event

Planning and Networking at Awards Ceremonies

Networking in Action

Portrait of Success: Marilyn French Hubbard

Chapter 7: The Art of Network Conversation

People Skills and Networking

What Is Your Agenda?

Overcoming Fears and Doubts

Remembering What’s-His-Name

The Etiquette of Introductions

Rules and Tools of Conversation

Portrait of Success: Willie Gary

Chapter 8: Networking for a Purpose

Networking for a Job

Job Hunting for the New College Graduate

Keep the Network Plugged In

Networking for Customers or Clients

Networking for Career Success

Networking at Conventions and Conferences

Networking for Information

Networking for Board Appointments

Network Marketing

Networking Versus Neck-Working

Portrait of Success: Damon Dash

Part Three: Creating a Success Stereotype

Chapter 9: Networking as a Way of Life

The Fraser Guidelines for Effective Networking

Networking Dos and Don’ts

Ten Tips for Whites Seeking to Network with Blacks

Portrait of Success: Cheryl Broussard

Chapter 10: Networks at Work

Networking for Economic Empowerment

One Hundred Multiplied by Millions

Creating Economic Inroads

Preaching Economic Redemption

Private Enterprise Does Public Good

In Conclusion: Networking for the Success of All

Portrait of Success: Bruce Gordon

Appendix A: The FraserNet Workbook

Appendix B: The Thirty Best Places to Network

Appendix C: The Most Influential Black Speakers in America: The Fabulous 50

Appendix D: The Best Black Clubs and Organizations


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It has been over thirty years now since I first met George Fraser and learned of his vision and his dream. Dreams were mostly all that we had back then—not much else but those dreams, and this powerful, compelling desire to live them.

I realize now, as I reflect on those days, that both of us were testing out smaller versions of our dreams back then, preparing ourselves, even though we did not know it. I was broadcasting a message of inspiration and motivation to radio listeners in a midwestern market. And George—well, George was out there trying to do well by doing good in our community, just as he is doing today with his successful businesses and, of course, this inspiring and information-packed book.

When I first met George Fraser, I was a radio disc jockey in Columbus, Ohio, pushing the limits of what my station managers would allow. They had hired me to entertain, but as I became more conscious of the power for positive change in that microphone, I could not resist the opportunity to call out to the community, telling them to stand up and be somebody!

George showed up one day at the station with a mutual friend. Of course, he was networking—need you ask? I am telling you, this guy is so plugged in that the folks at BET are talking about going up against Ted Turner, with the George News Network. That’s right. Look out, Ted, here comes GNN!

Back on that day when we first met, George was networking as an encyclopedia salesman. Now, I had some experience myself in door-to-door sales. So, when George told me back then that he was an encyclopedia salesman, I was fully prepared to inform him that he was intruding on my air time and to please close the door to my sound booth on his way out.

Of course, that didn’t happen. Nobody chases away the King of Networking that easily. And, as I quickly discovered, George was not simply selling encyclopedias. He was selling self-esteem in his community. He was selling pride and information and knowledge. Now, if that sounds like part of a sales pitch, it was, and it still is. It was George’s sales pitch then, and it is now. And I bought it. And then, before I knew it, I was selling it, too, on my radio show. George has this effect on people. His dream is contagious, as all good dreams are.

George had come to Columbus to sell the International Library of Negro Life and History encyclopedias. He sold me a set. He probably sold me ten sets, because in no time at all, I was selling those encyclopedias, too. At every opportunity, I put in a good word on my radio show for those encyclopedias because I believed in what they represented and I believed in what George was doing. Obviously, I still do.

I think we sold more of those encyclopedias in Columbus than anywhere else in the country. And if we didn’t, I would still say we had more fun than any other encyclopedia sales people in the country. That is what happens when you do something that follows your dream, when you do something that is positive for your community, when you live a dream that by its very nature inspires others to dream. How can you help but have fun and enjoy life when you are inspiring others to dream and succeed? There is such power in that.

After George and I had sold a set of the International Library of Negro Life and History encyclopedias to every man, woman, child, and Seeing Eye dog in Columbus, Ohio, he moved on. But naturally, Mr. Networking stayed in touch. Cards, newspaper articles, telephone calls just to catch up on things. Oh, Lord.

And I was not easy to catch in the years that followed. The radio station owners finally pulled the plug on my microphone when my message became too powerful in the community. That led to my running for state representative and three successful terms in the Ohio legislature before I embarked on my journey to becoming a public speaker. George, in the meantime, went to work for Procter & Gamble, and then the United Way, and then into the Ford dealer-training program.

Each of us carried our dreams along, keeping them alive, strengthening them. George was still in the Ford program when I got one of those just catching up on you phone calls. He told me he was putting on a networking forum and wanted me to be his first principal speaker. He explained that he was not so sure that his future lay in the automobile industry. He wanted to get back to living his dream of selling people on their own value and greatness, rather than selling them Taurus cars and F-10 pickup trucks.

Again, George had no trouble selling me. I spoke at that first SuccessNet Forum in Cleveland, and every time he has asked me since, I have gone and spoken, many, many times. It will always be like this for George and me because we share essentially the same dream. And we have seen each other struggle mightily as we stretched to achieve our own versions of it. I lived for months in my office because I couldn’t afford to have an apartment, too. George somehow managed to put out SuccessGuides that look like a million dollars at times when he didn’t have enough change for the parking meter.

We have watched each other struggle, and I think in some ways, we were inspired by each other. We each endeavored to stay on the high road even when we literally had to jump over the toll gates to get on it because we couldn’t afford the toll. We were poor, but we didn’t act poor or live poorly. Our spirits were rich, and we drew strength from the challenge of seeing our visions through to reality.

George has created and nurtured this vision and has refused to let it go. He has enlisted the help of many people, me included, and that is what it takes—networking and cooperation. George had a dream, and now that dream is his to live, and yours to share. He is going to be part of the solution, and this book will help many, many people.

You have probably read or at least picked up other networking books, but I guarantee you, this is like no other one. Success Runs in Our Race is far more than a how-to book by someone with training and knowledge in a particular field. This book is a powerful voice for change, for social action. Other books have exhorted us to take control of our destinies. This one shows us how to do it and why we must do it. This book gives us an agenda.

And there is something else in this book that is different from and so much more powerful than those other books that deal with networking. Most of those books, or at least the ones that I have seen, are rather like textbooks written by professors who have studied the field and come up with their own theories and conclusions. That is not the nature of Success Runs in Our Race.

This is a book rooted in life, in our cultural traditions and history. Life’s blood flows through these pages because this book was not written by a man who studied the subject; it was written by a man who lived his dream. I urge you to read this book and then live its messages. It may well change your life, and the lives of many others around you. This is an important book for you and for our community.

I must go now—my telephone is ringing. Need you ask who it is? Yes, George, I’ll be there. I’ll be there.



This book in its original and revised version had been brewing in my mind for nearly two decades, and had it not been for my friends, family, and associates…my network, I probably would have died with my experiences still inside of me, a mistake all too many of us make. First I must acknowledge the Creator for his divine guidance in providing me the inner strength and vision to write the words that spilled onto blank sheets of paper. A special thanks also goes to my spiritual leader, Rev. Allison Phillips,