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There are no major characters play. We are real individuals existing in the real world inside Jehovah. Jehovah looks in. Our connection to the Spiritual World is through
Our Aura.
Our Spirit Guide keeps us connected. Free will allows us to turn our will and our lives over to God. Those who don’t suffer their consequences.

Aura is our healing, it’s simple, call on God and not man, if God grants healing. If nothing changes, then nothing changes. In a world we have been misled. Why? I do not know, but I do know cant no man save me, when aura, isn’t from man. It’s a Spiritual connection. “From dirt we came from, to dirt we shall return.” Death is the transformation.
Who is in charge? There are a lot of hypothesizes, Jesus Christ for one. Was he God, or Son of God? God says her Sons hear her.
Logic tells us Jesus listened to God to enter Kingdom Come. I hear God. God says Jesus repeated what she said”, I am the truth, the light and the way. No man can enter heaven but through me.”
Jesus used him because God ordered him to expose the Truth of who she was.

Because of the law, when women had no rights, he refused. Three days later
He was crucified. The wages of sin is death. He died for his sin. We die for ours.
Perfect people do not die.

Our Soul is a positive energy. Our bodies, a negative energy. The flesh is sin.
Positive and negative balances. Body and Soul utilizes the aura. Keep our soul’s aura positive and our body’s energy will follow. As we live for our body, our mind, and our soul, we do Gods will.

This book consists of our “True Spiritual”,” our” True Light”, and our “True Way” through God.
God could and would if God were sought. Seek ye now.
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