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Creativity brings an immense personal satisfaction because it places us in touch
with the source of inspiration deep within our souls encompassing our innermost
thoughts and feelings. It provides a great sense of accomplishment as it gives a
reflection in and of the world as you bring your ideas into existence while displaying
them to the world.

The pages within this book focus on various areas or subjects of which the value
can be incorporated into any area of life. All The World Is A Product: Be Creative
and Come Up with Ideas explains and provides unique methods to stir creativity no
matter what or where your personal or professional creative field lies.

Whatever creative endeavor you are in, the inspirational process is similar because it
comes from the same source – the human imagination. Whether you are an actor or
actress, businessperson or manager, a sculpture, writer, artist, songwriter, architect,
inventor or none of the above, you have a wellspring of creativity inside you. This
book assists in bringing your creativity out from within.

Whether your chosen interest is expressed by meeting company’s sales objectives,
creating a painting, writing a book, giving environments a special touch, inventing
products, improving ways of household tasks or making the most of your physical
features, this book will enrich your creativity.

Your imagination is yours to develop and express as you choose and this is an
enjoyable journey that will increase your creative juices today and forever.
Let’s Inspire and Create!
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