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Sexy and Confident
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This book is going to motivate you and make you feel better about yourself. Regardless of how she views herself, every woman wants to be sexy and confident. She wants to be the type of girl that is both sure of herself but is also wanted by men. She also wants to be taken seriously in the workplace and in life. The problem is that most women think that lowering themselves is the only way to succeed in life. It’s possible for every woman to be the best that she can. All it takes is figuring out what she needs to enhance and what she needs to minimize. Sexy and Confident: How To Be The Dreamgirl Men Want, Have a Better Life and Improve Your Self–Esteem is the book that will help you achieve the balance you need to become your secure, self-assured and sexy best. So bye-bye, old you and hello, dream girl. It’s time to become sexy and confident.
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Sexy and Confident - Ash Green

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