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Merle tells us her tale of love, longing, and desperation. As she struggles with the guilt over her husband's suicide, Merle's gut-wrenching quest for redemption takes her on a downward spiral into a hell of her own making. Resigned to a life of self-mutilation, abuse, and despair, will she find hope in a mysterious stranger, or will she die, entangled in a sadistic relationship with her husband's best friend.
The psychological subject matter and language may be innapropriate for some readers. Rated R -- Reader discretion is advised.

Cheryl Anne Gardner's passionate first novella, The Kissing Room, is a vivid and compelling tale of love, loss, and renewal. Gardner immerses the reader in hopelessness, destroys all sense of security, then delivers the reader into the comfort of redemption and release. There is an incredible amount of impact ... Her works demand an emotional response, causing the reader to observe the human condition honestly and in its rawest sense. An author that can create this much impact is a rarity, but Gardner has the ability to evoke such intense compassion that readers are left craving for more. --breenibooks.blogspot.com
Published: Cheryl Anne Gardner on
ISBN: 9780982214503
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