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Back in the early days we were not suppose to play with blacks the white people. I never understood why when I was growing up, they act like it was a sin God made us all , he did not mean for this to go on ,he did not put us here to hate each other , like some people do , in my story two little girls put the thing behind them and still were friends , sue look to Cindy for support and Cindy look to Sue for the same , they were like sisters , what one did the other one did , Cindy tried to make Sue feel as color does not matter , they help each other and when the storm hit the town Sue was wonder if Cindy and her family were ok ,not someone else , she was upset when she could not go find her friend ,after ever thing got ok Sue began to look for her , she found her in a hospital , when she found out about Cindy need a kidney you wanted to help her out and she did they are friends forever.
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ISBN: 9781483687605
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