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Witch’s Revenge: Book 2 of the Living Energy Trilogy

Length: 193 pages2 hours


Throughout history, the women who guard Earth’s living energy have been known as goddesses, fairies, mermaids, alchemists, but they prefer to call themselves witches.

Jade has found her soulmate. Peter is the human whose life-energy is identical to hers, the soulmate who is the missing key to unlock her witch’s power. And now Arrow, a powerful organization whose only intent is to kill the soulmates and keep the witches in check, wants their head above all others.

After a whirlwind of danger and passion, Jade and Peter managed to evade Arrow in Brazil only to find their assassins have followed them home and, this time, Karyn - the witch who murdered Jade’s parents - is personally after them with the lethal ability to drain a witch’s energy.

Jade and Peter must come to terms with the fact their survival is only secondary to ending Arrow’s legacy of murder and fear.

But revenge might come in an unexpected way . . .

Sensuality Level: Sensual

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