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Bangkok & Beyond - Travel Adventures in Thailand
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A thorough guide to the number-one tourist destination in Southeast Asia, focusing on Bangkok and surroundings, with detailed guidance for travelers. Based on our more comprehensive guide to all areas of Thailand and written by a couple who have lived there for many years. The finest hotels, with impeccable service, cost a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere, and shoppers will never tire of the vast selections, from silk scarves and designer gowns to exotic jewelery. Try elephant trekking, sea canoeing or Thai massage. Taste the exquisite cuisine, explore mystic temples (30,000 of them!) and sail to unspoiled islands. "The Adventure Guides" are about living more intensely, waking up to your surroundings and truly experiencing all that you encounter. The regional chapters take you on an introductory tour, with stops at museums, historic sites and local attractions. Places to stay and eat; transportation to, from and around your destination; practical concerns; tourism contacts - it's all here! Detailed maps feature walking and driving tours. Then come the adventures - both cultural and physical - from canoeing and hiking to taking dance or cooking classes. This unique approach allows you to really immerse yourself in the local culture.
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Bangkok & Beyond - Travel Adventures in Thailand

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