Understanding the Older Horse
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Older horses are like part of the family. Many owners still take care of the horses and ponies they had when they were younger. And these horses don't ask for much - just a place to live, food to eat, and a little love and attention. But owners can do more for their older equine friends.
The aging process in horses, like in humans, affects all of the body's tissues, organs, and systems. But when kept in good health, many older horses are sound enough to be ridden well into their 20s, and for some, even into their 30s.

Until now, practical information to help in caring for older horses has been difficult to find. Understanding the Older Horse provides owners with the guidelines necessary to give their equine senior citizens the best care possible.

Written by Dr. Robert Holland, who drew upon his veterinary work for the Kentucky Racing Commission, as well as his childhood experiences of caring for a horse that lived to age 42, emphasizes the importance of developing a complete and consistent wellness management program to fit each horse's needs.
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