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I am not a doctor of medicine, nor am I a doctor of psychology. I am a
person who has suffered from depression at all levels and believe me;
it is not a condition that I would wish upon anybody. This book is based
upon my experience with depression, including my most recent bout of
a ‘Major Depressive’ episode where I fell into the pits of hell.
This book is written so that a novice can understand the terminology
thus giving them, or you, an understanding of this insidious disease. The
most important outcome that I could wish for you by reading this book
is that you take appropriate steps towards alleviating the disease by
going to see your doctor, or encouraging a loved one that you suspect
is suffering from depression to speak with their doctor. Don’t let your
‘self talk’; talk you out of seeing a medical specialist. This is the first
most important step.
Believe me; once you have suffered from despairing depression, you
never want to go there again. Until this time however, I didn’t think much
about depression at all. I thought that it couldn’t get any worse, but ooh
how wrong was I.
Now you know the reason for me in writing this book. I want all suffers
to understand what this debilitating disorder is about and to understand
the fact that help is truly available, even when you only suffer at a
low level of depression. I believe it is important that you understand
what depression is and how it can be treated, and that there are many
forms of treatment. To demonstrate why the disorder is viewed as a
‘non talking point’, a brief history of depression is provided.
At times, I plan to be ‘confronting’ as I describe my period of being in
the pits of hell. What is presented in this book is designed to help the
lay person to understand this disorder and that help is truly out there.
Unlike a physical illness, depression shows no scars. When we meet
people who show obvious pain, we feel immediate sympathy and offer
our condolence. Not so with depression which is often suffered in silence
and gains no sympathy if others know that an individual suffers from
the disorder.
It is also hoped by reading this book that you will identify issues for
yourself with regards to depression. It is not a book about treating
depression, the treatment is determined by you and your attending
health authorities. However, by reading the material in this book, you
should be able to conclude that help is certainly available and you
should see for yourself that you are not the only person suffering from
this disorder. I cannot guarantee that you will be depression free after
practicing any of the suggested activities, only you and what you do
with your life regarding depression can offer any form of guarantee.
Depression can be treated successfully.
The following statement will be said many times during the course
of this book. Do not give in. Do not listen to your negative self-talk.
Be proactive and change your behavior towards Depression. Think
positively, don’t react, but take action towards eradicating this
disorder. It is possible that you can beat the disorder, provided you
think positively and take action towards beating it. Go for it, you have
nothing to lose.
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