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Understanding Equine Colic

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Colic is a horse owner's worst nightmare. Horses are especially susceptible to colic, a catch-all term for abdominal pain, due in large part to their unique and intricate digestive system. Colic episodes can range from mild impactions that work themselves out to severely twisted intestines that require emergency surgery. In Understanding Equine Colic, veterinarian Bradford Bentz discusses the many types of colic, the warning signs owners should look for, a typical colic examination, plus treatment options, including surgery. Understanding Equine Colic is a must for every horse owner.

"A must-read for anyone who may have to deal with one of a horse owner's worst nightmares - colic."
--Robert Francis, The Monterey County Post

"This book is the horse owner's definitive guide to all aspects of colic."
--Jesse Tierney, American Saddlebred

"I highly recommend veterinarian Bradford Bentz's new book, Understanding Equine Colic."
--Helen Peppe, The New Hampshire Stable Guide

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