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Equine behavior has always fascinated humans, and never more so than now. We are intrigued by the way horses behave with each other, whether in the wild, in domestic pastures, or even alone in a stall. Similarly, one of the most beautiful inter-species relationships is that of horses and people.
It is more often than not taken for granted that any reasonable horse or pony will abide all sorts of manipulations and engage in a variety of activities on our behalf. We are surprised and frustrated when they don’t. What we ask horses to do is often quite incompatible with their natural instincts. From the behaviorist’s point of view, the routine work and performance feats of domestic horses are truly remarkable. Equestrians have long been fascinated by those people who seem to possess extraordinary ability to interact effectively with difficult horses, to eke out superior performances from seemingly ordinary animals. Currently, interest in equine behavior and demand for the services of these specialists are at all-time highs. Training workshops and clinics have become almost as common as horse shows.

Understanding Horse Behavior presents current information and resources on the basics of horse behavior. Included are examples of common behavior problems and suggested approaches to behavior modification. Dr. Sue McDonnell, DVM, provides astonishing insights into horse behavior under feral conditions and translates this information into logical approaches for training/retraining horses in a domesticated setting.

Dr. McDonnell is the founder of the Equine Behavior Program at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, where her work includes clinical, research, and teaching activities.
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