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Fly higher than a 2 story building with these six incredible paper airplane designs! These revolutionary designs are unlike anything you have seen before. We believe you are going to absolutely love the many hours of entertainment this book provides.This book features:· Beautiful step by step folding instructions· Printable templates (so you’ll never run out!) (you can still make them without a printer)· An advanced Fine-Tuning guide to help you get the best out of your planes· Extensive paper airplane flight theory explanations· Exciting games to enjoy with your paper airplanesThe inspiration for the paper airplanes in this book came about after a multiple award winning science fair experiment which included building a wind tunnel in a garage to test and improve airfoil designs. Years later, after many designs and refinements, these planes have been selected from the best of the best and rigorously tested to ensure they can be recreated by you. With this book and no prior paper aircraft knowledge you can be flying paper airplanes with the best of them!
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