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Sex: A User's Guide

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Everything you always wanted to know about the one subject that never gets old…

When it comes to sex, a little knowledge goes a long, long way. Here, at last, is the perfect little book to tease your imagination and test your sexual IQ (ever heard of the Turtle Stirs position?).

From techniques to tall tales, from the physiology of sex to an astounding guide to Sex Slang (Shuffle the Kit Kat? Play the Boneaphone?), this stimulating collection of titillating tidbits, bizarre curiosities, and historical facts is guaranteed to satisfy your lust for knowledge.

Did you know…

* Nipple rings were popular in the late Victorian Era (see page 27)

* The plain, bland graham cracker was originally invented to smother the sex drive (see page 94)

* Cleopatra owned one of the world’s first vibrators--a small container of buzzing bees (see page 206)

PLUS The History of Sex * Sex in Literature,
Film, and Art * Famous Sexual Athletes (and flops) *Perversions and Taboos *

And Much More!

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