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Joke Tellers Handbook

Length: 212 pages2 hours


“Good ladies, evening and gentlemen . . . That does it! Next time I’ll rehearse everything! . . .

That’s the only one example of what you’ll find in this unusual collection of modern humor—professional humor—the kind of material used by the top TV, movie and night-club comedians in their monologues.

Unlike our speaker, there’s no confusion in Robert Orben’s collection of nearly two thousand “one-line” jokes—all time-tested and well-rehearsed. A top comedy writer well-known to the trade, Mr. Orben offers this handbook as a stockpile of bright, laugh-loaded one-liners, ready for a multitude of uses besides sheer enjoyment.

Arranged in categories, these comedy explosions cover everything from air conditioning to women drivers. There are good opening lines and, if you need them, good closing ones too. Even George Washington and stamp collecting do not escape Mr. Orben’s comic grilling.

Humor is one of the best devices to create a friendly basis of understanding between individuals and groups. Laughs are vital to the effectiveness of speeches, instruction, and sales presentation. Mr. Orben describes—on a level that is professional as well as entertaining—how to use this type of humor for practical purposes, and for sheer entertainment and enjoyment as well. An indispensable book for public speakers, businessmen, entertainers and…just about everyone.

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