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Nashua, part of the Thoroughbred Legends series from Eclipse Press, is the first book to focus on the life of the charismatic racehorse. Nashua achieved much of his fame on the racetrack thanks to his exciting and well-publicized rivalry with 1955 Kentucky Derby winner Swaps. Nashua was runner-up in that Derby, but the two met again in a nationally televised match race in Chicago. Nashua won and later was named Horse of the Year.
Author Edward L. Bowen, who also wrote Man o' War, the first book in the Thoroughbred Legends series, takes the reader through the different phases of Nashua's life -- his early years, his racing career, and his life as a stallion and popular tourist attraction in the Kentucky Bluegrass. Bowen also weaves in the tale of Nashua's owner, William Woodward, Jr., who was fatally shot by his wife in a high-society tragedy that to this day is surrounded by questions. Nashua was subsequently sold in a sealed bid auction after the shooting and made his own headlines by becoming the most expensive horse to be sold up to that point in time.

Nashua helps racing fans relive their memories of the great horse or discover him for the first time.

Nashua was ranked No. 24 in The Blood-Horse magazine's list of the Top 100 Racehorses of 20th Century.

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