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Gash in the Glades
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On a cool December afternoon, a jetliner inexplicably explodes over the Florida Everglades, killing all 150 onboard. Before it barrels in, however, the plane takes one more victim, the mayor of Broward County, an avid outdoorsman who was on his airboat, in the wrong place at the wrong time.
That’s according to the sole witness, a dominatrix of all things. She claims she was providing her professional services to the mayor in that remote location. At least, that’s what she tells George Leon.
A young, successful magazine publisher, George is a former investigative reporter, who used to work for the Universal Planet, a real out-there supermarket tabloid. Now the editor of the Planet is offering him a cool fifty grand to see if the woman’s story is on the level.
George digs in, only to gravitate closer to the deceptively dangerous dominatrix and find she has a dark past. Ultimately, he’ll discover the shocking story behind the jetliner’s downfall and that the woman has a dark past she just can’t overcome.
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ISBN: 9781491802267
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