Top writers in today's sexual underground present tales of futuristic fiction. These lush stories (eleven in all) transform the modern sexual fetishes of BDSM, S/M, D/s, bondage, and eroticized power exchange into the templates for new worlds. From the near future of BDSM in cyberspace to a future police state where the real power lies in manipulating authority, these takes are the cutting edge in both sexual fiction and science fiction.

Table of contents:

All Things Ripen In Their Own Time by Reina Delacroix
Day Journey, With Stories by Jason Rubis
Thief of Dreams by Raven Kaldera
Color of Pain, Shade of Pleasure by Renee M. Charles
Jane by Lauren P. Burka
Agent of the Free by Neal Harkness
Training A Priestess by Andrea J. Horlick
Local Reference by R. L. Perkins
Cyber Knight by Gary Bowen
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