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Melancholy. It is defined as a deep, long-lasting sadness. Everyone has felt what they perceived to be a deep, long-lasting sadness, but few ever go far enough into this sadness to live with it. Or, perhaps, they ignore this negative side of themselves. Whatever the case may be, this book is written with the intention to show that there is sadness that lingers inside the hearts and souls of many. It is not written so that this sadness may be celebrated but written to show that one is not alone in feeling them.

Written in a way that is straightforward, yet analytical, somber, yet understandable, this book is one that will give you the feeling that someone does understand what you’re going through. Someone does know what it’s like to hurt, and it is expressed in many forms. Whether it be through sadness inside of you, or sadness around you, you will find that this book contains the pain that you feel and want to end. Though this book offers no solution, it serves the purpose of being a comfort, because in reading can you understand and in understanding can you be there for someone who has yet to find someone who understands their pain.
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ISBN: 9781483688657
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