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The goals of Princess Hope & Snowflake© is to entertain the child, Take them on a journey and give them wings to develop their imagination. Teach values and illustrate the importance of self-esteem and laughter, While learning interesting facts about the animals I hope that they learn that animals are beautiful unique and priceless. A far more important goal is to illustrate the importance of family. If a young person grows up feeling, they are special, unique, They will grow up to have the confidence to tackle daily challenges and Live every day with enthusiasm. They will laugh, look forward to waking up, and Feel there is nothing they cannot do, or accomplish. They will also learn the importance of having goals to reach. A young person and their parents will not always agree, But if there is guidance, patients and unconditional love in the home, A young person will come to understand that a parent’s love is vital. They will come to understand that they have a hero in their life, They are call father and mother. Having this kind of relationship helps the youngster to Grow up with confidence, creating a great outlook in life for them. Princess Hope & Snowflake© illustrates in plain language That believing in yourself, having self-esteem while maintaining Hope, faith, and laughter is very important in a child’s life. Every child is a gift; they are a promise of a better tomorrow. Princess Hope & Snowflake© is about believing in yourself, having self-esteem, maintaining hope, faith, laughter and having direction in their life.

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