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The book was written with one idea in mind: to provide newly appointed or promoted managerial leaders with the knowledge – namely the MOST Effective Managerial Leadership Framework – to quickly become more effective managerial leaders.

It does this by quickly laying out for the reader a set of principles that can be immediately applied to their daily work life to increase their effectiveness as managerial leaders (Or even (grandparent)parents, older siblings, student project group team leaders).

The critical knowledge is encapsulated in a mnemonic device to aid in quick recall and application.

The book itself is then written in crisp, clear language that is easily understood.

In addition, bearing in mind that people learns differently, the book is split into two halves.

The first half of the book illustrates the mnemonic device – The MOST Effective Managerial Leadership Framework – using a storybook/fairy tale approach for those who learn best through exploratory narratives.

The second half of the book explains the mnemonic device in simple, clear, unadorned instructional guide forms.

It is left to the readers himself or herself to decide which learning method to use.

Next, the book is designed as an “atomic” self-guide book that could be read in a short sitting – perhaps an hour.

Finally, it is intended that the book can be substituted for the annual Company Christmas Party useless-table-ornament-costing-less-than-ten-dollars Gift Exchange item.

Senior Managers may also purchase it as a present for entry level or newly appointed or promoted managers or even staff identified as potential future managerial leaders. It then serves as a useful handbook.
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