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Special Agent Robin Perez, Federal Bureau of Narcotics, has a new assignment brings him back to the island where he spent his teenage years as an army brat. The island, Puerto Rico, has become springboard in the traffic of narcotics toward the United States. Times have changed. The criminal unrest is threatening. The island is not as peaceful as it was when he was a student. More people are getting caught in the crossfire. There are factions trying to pull the island toward independence. Law enforcement results are slow. Robin is at odds with the heads of the Bureau. His previous assignments caused some hiccups but they know he gets the job done. He does not believe that keeping the drugs on the island (containment) is the solution. His plan to purchase of 500 kilos of cocaine is the opportunity to bring down the source of the drug distribution. He must go undercover and abandon his identity assuming a new one as a successful drug dealer. His life will be in constant danger.

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