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This is a study of the only book of history in the New Testament. Preceding this study are outlines of the Gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. For further New Testament study, outlines of the epistles have been prepared, as well as an outline of the Book of Revelation.
The purpose of these outlines is to provide a resource for the use of serious Bible students, as well as for Pastors and teachers, to assist them in their studies. It is hoped that the student and the teacher will find information which will clarify the text and bring a greater depth of understanding of the Word of God. Pastors should find within the details presented valuable sequences for developing Bible studies and for use in developing sermons.
Perhaps a more significant title for this book would have been, "The Acts of the Holy Spirit", as it reveals the Holy Spirit in His work in the early church. The narrative opens with Jesus telling His disciples that the Holy Spirit will baptize them with His power. They are to wait in Jerusalem until that day. The Day of Pentecost arrives and the Spirit is seen as a wind bringing fire to the heads of the apostles, inflaming them to speak in the varied tongues of the pilgrims who have gathered for the feast, every man hearing the Word of God in their own language. Philip finds himself taken by the Spirit to the desert to instruct and witness to the Ethiopian eunuch. Barnabas and Paul become missionaries by the Spirit. The Jerusalem church is inspired by the Spirit to accept the Gentile churches. And the Spirit attends Paul in his missionary journeys, and there is no doubt that Luke was inspired by the Spirit as he penned these words.
This book deals with the actions of Peter and Paul,and with the growth of the church to the west.Paul's missionary journeys are dealt with and the development of the church away from Jerusalem and the Jews, to Rome and the Gentiles.
It is accepted by all Biblical authorities that Luke is the author of this book. He is not named as author within the pages, however, there are several instances of the "we" in the first person plural in connection with Paul. It is well known that Luke was with Paul in Palestine during Paul's imprisonment in Caesarea, and that he traveled with Paul on the missionary journeys.
Luke again addresses his writing to Theophilus, as he did in the Gospel of Luke. The exact date is unknown, but it is generally believed to have been written circa 62 A.D.
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