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This is an excerpt from Robert Gregory Browne's new thriller, KILL HER AGAIN.

KILL HER AGAIN will be released on June 30, 2009.

Ever since a close call with death, FBI Agent Anna McBride has been having strange visions of a kidnapped little girl... a little girl who is about to be murdered. Is she going crazy? When Anna is assigned to a multiple homicide case, her visions recur with an even fiercer frequency...and she can't shake the feeling that what she's seeing is somehow connected to this latest grisly crime.

When Anna meets Daniel Pope, a hypnotist who's no stranger to the paramormal, he suggests the impossible: that the girl in her visions is Anna in a past life.

But Anna refuses to believe Pope -- until she finds herself face to face with the killer from her nightmares. Now she must go into the dark recesses of her mind and relive the horrors of her past to find a diabolical psychopath who won't rest until he kills her again...
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