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The serious head wound received during an attempt on his life had left Jack Seaman with amnesia. He was being hidden by a group of communist guerillas in the dense tropical jungle of Malaya. 1944 was a perilous time for the guerillas as they fought the conquerors of their country – the Japanese army.

Despite the countless dangers of life in the jungle and the constant threat of capture by the Japanese, Jack was determinedly trying to find any clues to his past life and real identity.

He now sought the aid of new friends – an aborigine tribe, the Senoi. The tribal Shaman had the uncanny ability to interpret dreams. He had studied Jack’s dreams and his findings were being explained by the tribal leader.

“Somewhere in your forgotten past you did something of which you are ashamed. Perhaps you even committed a serious crime.”

Seaman sat motionless, not saying a word. He did not have to. The anguish in his eyes spoke for him. This could be the reason why his memory kept evading him. The wizened old man recognized the acute pain his young friend was experiencing. He continued to speak in a gentle tone.

“Take our advice and abandon this road you are following – the road to your memory. It can be a difficult and painful one. Begin your life from today and ignore the past.”

Seaman had a sad look on his face as he shook his head. He could not rest until he tried every avenue in search of his past.

He could never have imagined how much danger, death and destruction lay in wait for him as he traveled the tortuous road to his lost memory.

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