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The Waddodles of Hollow Lake
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Romance is heavily in the air everywhere along the West Shore of Hollow Lake. Harriet Waddodle entertains reservations concerning her involvement with Tobias Trottleby. Toby is deeply smitten with Harriet, but understands her reluctance and exhibits great patience.

The Ruffed Grouse Courtship Ceremony takes place on The Grassy Meadow, as scheduled, where the male grouse look over the female grouse. Animals and birds alike, attend to watch the drumming, preening, dancing, love calls and battles as the males perform before the females they hope to impress and win their ‘wing’ in marriage.

Gaylord Grantmore and Gracie Goodglee wish to be together, however, for this to happen, Gaylord must win Gracie. If more than one male desires a certain female, the males must battle furiously to win her.

Gracie Goodglee is most popular among the males and Gaylord must battle several suitors to try to win her before he can claim Gracie as his bride. When the grouse are paired, following the Ceremony, those attending share in the celebration and feasting. Fireflies cover the The Grassy Meadow bathing the meadow with romantic firelight for the many wedding ceremonies taking place.

‘The Newspapers’, white-tail-deer Clara and Zoe, deliver surprising news of Scitter Chipmunk's pregnancy.

There are many reports of Big Casey, the beastly-deranged black bear, moving closer to West Shore and again threatening the lifes of the Waddodles and their friends.

Life on West Shore is thriving with excitement and pleasure as the friends and neighbors look forward to carrying out their complicated plans for The Birds Beauty Contest. Plans are underway for the contest and grow … and grow … as multitudes of birds are itching to take part.

The West Shore of Hollow Lake is aglow with excitement.

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The Waddodles of Hollow Lake - Carole La Flamme Beighey

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