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Did jockey Ron Hansen leap off the San Mateo Bridge, or did someone force him? Did arsonists set fire to Hawthorne Race Course after a betting scam went awry? Was the great stallion Shergar killed by the IRA, or is he living in anonymity somewhere in Ireland? Great Horse Racing Mysteries examines these baffling cases and many others.

Author John McEvoy, a longtime racing writer, relies on published accounts, interviews with survivors, and old-fashioned digging to recreate some of the sport's strangest stories. For instance, the saga of the great Australian runner Phar Lap has intrigued racing fans for more than sixty years. A legend in his homeland, Phar Lap journeyed by boat to North America to take on this continent's best runners. After a stunning performance at the track in Caliente, Mexico, Phar Lap had to be guarded around the clock in the wake of alleged threats by sinister characters. Phar Lap then died under mysterious circumstances at a California ranch. McEvoy talks to people who saw Phar Lap run and adds another dimension to this intriguing story.

Other stories include the disappearance of jockey Al Snider, the demise of Calumet Farm, and the death of William Woodward Jr. Great Horse Racing Mysteries provides a fascinating look at all facets of the sport.
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