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¡§Pleasant Dreams¡K¡K¡¨ is about two girls and their amazing friends.

Athena might never experience having nightmares. Since she was two or three years old, Denny, her father, would tell her about the Pink Princess; the Star people, and the Purple Unicorn, the Princess¡¦s loyal steed. They all lived in the princess¡¦s kingdom known as Whatever land. The princess and all of her friends would protect little girls from bad dreams. All you have to do is go to sleep in order for you to be magically transported to Whateverland.
Athena enjoys playing and being protected, whether it be day or night, by the Pink Princess, and her wonderful group of friends, the Purple Unicorn and the Star people in Whatever land until she forgets how to visit them as she grows older.
This, however, does not bother her; she cannot help but be excited for Krystal, her baby sister, when denny starts telling her about the Pink Princess, the Star people, and the beautiful Purple Unicorn.
If Krystal only knows how much fun she will have once she gets magically transported to their kingdom.

¡§Pleasant Dreams¡K..¡¨ Will appeal to readers of all ages who had fantastical dreams back when they were children.
We hope you enjoy the magic of this book, you dreamers of the night! ļ
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781483687193
List price: $3.99
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